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WhatsApp Marketing - Smart Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

With over a billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program on the planet. It serves millions of businesses through its WhatsApp for Business platform. Smart marketing is a well-known WhatsApp marketing agency that enables you to use WhatsApp, in conjunction with Facebook and Instagram, as an effective lead generation and marketing channel. Please contact us to learn more about how we can use WhatsApp to naturally grow your business.
Keep in touch with customers everywhere and anytime.
WhatsApp is a fast, simple, and reliable way to message anyone in the world.
Businesses can use WhatsApp marketing strategy to offer promotions, interact with their customers, and provide customer service. In addition, WhatsApp messages are delivered instantaneously to the recipient’s device, which means there’s no need to worry about delivering messages on time or finding someone’s contact information. The app also allows users to send multimedia content in addition to text messages. Certainly, these reasons are enough to prove why WhatsApp is becoming a good marketing tool.

How WhatsApp Marketing Beneficial for Your Business?

Show case of your products/ services

Create a catalog to help customers discover your products and services and message you directly about items they're interested

Provide customer support

Connect with customers where they spend their time by responding to people when they message you

Target audience

Your target audience is already there on the App

Save money

It does not cost anything to use

Global accessibility

WhatsApp has the ability to promote your products/services internationally and globally

Greater mobility

You get the opportunity to send mass messages anywhere and anytime via the internet

Connected directly with your Facebook

Easy for people in Facebook to send direct message through connected link

Helps in increasing customer engagement

Send people important information where they're most likely to act on it

Automated & Immediate reply

We can set an auto reply when the customers reach out of the operation hours. Immediate reply: You will be able to receive immediate and instant replies from potential customers that for your products and services

Create a greeting message

to automatically introduce customers to your company, set an away message if you're unable to respond, or save time by using quick replies to reuse answers to frequently asked questions

Supports the sharing of multimedia content including brochures, videos, links, audios, catalogs, and any other type of brand-related information

Open conversations with ads that click to WhatsApp

Let us help you to develop WhatsApp strategy for your business

Our team of professional experts is fully ready to assist you