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Instagram - Smart Marketing


A picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram is a very popular and has around 1.393 billion users in 2022. Instagram marketing services allow businesses to develop custom campaigns that are tailored to your specific goals. Instagram is the way that we can inspire new audience.

Instagram boasts more than 1 billion monthly users and is second only to Facebook in terms of active users. With a host of user-centric features and tools including Feed, Stories, explore tab, and IGTV; and its regular new feature updates, businesses of all types stand to benefit a great deal from Instagram in terms of better brand awareness, brand positioning, customer engagement, traffic, leads and business growth.

Instagram ads advantages:

Type of ADS on Instagram

Single Image Ads

Photo ADS

Tell your story through a clean, simple, and beautiful creative picture,

Video ADS

Video ADS

Similar to image ads, video ads on Instagram allow businesses to give users a closer look at their brand, products, and services

Carousel ADS

Carousel ADS

Bring another layer of depth to campaign where people can swipe to view additional photos or video in a single ads

Collection ADS

Collection ADS

We can use collection to visually inspire and help your audience discover, browse and purchase your products or services

We reach the right people for your business

Target by location

Target people based in specific location, cities, countries, or specific location

Target by demographic

Narrow audience based on information like age, gender, language and more

Target by interest

Reach people based on interest, add the click before, and accounts they follow

Target by behavior

Define target audience by activities they do on Instagram and Facebook

Target by custom audience

Run ads to your current customers based in their emails or phone numbers

Target by lookalike audience

Find people who are similar to your existing customers

Target by automated targeting

We help you quickly create an audience who might be interested in your business using a variety of signals including location, demographic, and interest

Our Process for Instagram Advertisement







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